What Autobody Shops are Covered by Your Insurance Company?

December 20, 2013

We’re debunking insurance myths today here on the Osgar’s Autobody blog.

Question: After an accident, do you get to choose the auto body shop?

Answer: Absolutely!

The truth about choice
In most cases, auto insurance policies don’t prevent customers from working with an auto repair shop of their choice. Auto insurance is nothing like health insurance in this respect, where health insurance policies will only pay for “in-network” providers. In the car insurance world, this concept simply doesn’t exist. However, in some cases, insurance agents may offer their customers a list of recommended autobody shops, relationships designed to streamline the claims and repair process.

Here’s what the law says…
By Ohio law, however, you are free to choose to work with the car repair shop of your choice. When you need to repair your car after an accident, here’s what Ohio law says you can do:

  • Ohians are free to choose any repair shop to perform the repair work, unless their auto insurance policy specifically says they can’t. Call your insurance agent and review the language of your policy to confirm your options.
  • You should get one written estimate for the repairs and present it to the insurance company.
  • If the estimate from the car repair shop is higher than the insurance company’s proposed settlement, you have a couple of options: Pay the difference between the two cost estimates and use the autobody shop you feel most comfortable with; get a lower estimate from another car repair shop of your choice; work with the repair shop chosen by the insurance company, who has agreed to do the work for the cost listed in the settlement.
  • Use an autobody shop that’s registered with the State of Ohio, a designation intended to promote fair competition among car repair shops.

You have a lot of choice for choosing who will repair your vehicle after an accident. If you have a working relationship with a repair shop that you trust, feel free to use the shop to repair your car. At Osgar’s Autobody, we’re helping greater Mansfield-ers deal with collision repairs by cutting through the red tape and making the experience as pleasant as possible.

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