Detailing Your Car the DIY Way

May 29, 2015

Detailing Your Car the DIY Way

While a carwash will make the exterior of your car sparkle, don’t forget about the inside. Keeping the car’s interior in great shape not only makes your ride more enjoyable, it will increase its value, too. Here are some of our top DIY tips for detailing your car.

  • Get into nooks and crannies. Use an air compressor and fire away into the crevices where dirt accumulates. The air will force dirt and gunk out better than any other tool. Try to direct the dirt toward an area where you can later vacuum up the debris.
  • Grab a stiff brush. Floor carpets and mats tend to accumulate hardened dirt and debris that won’t come off with some elbow grease and a wet rag. Work the scrub brush over the surface of the carpets to easily dislodge dried-on dirt.
  • Go behind the scenes. Ever wonder if dirt behind the vents blows into your car’s interior when you turn on the air conditioner (or heater)? Use the air compressor on the vents to dislodge debris, directing the air behind the vent’s grilles to freshen up the air.
  • Remove dust. Work your way around the car, sweeping dust from around the console, dashboard and other areas. Use a detailing brush, and hold the vacuum’s nozzle nearby as you brush away the dust. It’ll help catch some of the debris before it gets on other surfaces.
  • Vacuum flooring. Use a high-powered vacuum with adjustable nozzles to remove dirt on the flooring, between seats and other areas. Use the brush attachments on seats and upholstered spaces like doors. You can also use the vacuum to get inside door pockets and back-seat pockets. If the upholstery is very dirty, rent a carpet cleaning machine to deep-clean the carpet and upholstery.
  • Shine it up. Get a better view through windows with Windex or a spray-glass cleaner. As the last step, buff the windows using a microfiber cloth, as it will remove any leftover window cleaner from the surfaces.

When tackling the job of DIY car detailing, remember this rule: Start at the top and work your way down, so you don’t end up getting dirt on your freshly vacuumed floors or other spaces. With a little effort on a Saturday morning, your DIY detailing will make your car the envy of the block. If you need professional help with car detailing, contact Osgar’s Autobody today!

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