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Let us restore your car back to its original showroom finish with our detailing services.


Detailing Services

  • Wash/Dry
  • Engine degreased and dressed
  • Tires and wheel wells cleaned and dressed
  • Door/Truck/Hood jams cleaned
  • Wax (2 coats) exterior
  • Wheels/Rims polished and waxed
  • Exterior rubber / vinyl / plastic bumpers cleaned and dressed
  • Interior cleaned
  • Windows cleaned
  • Vents cleaned
  • Vacuum carpets


Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing involves cleaning and bringing a shine to the car's paint, chrome trim, windows, wheels, and tires. Osgar's use different products to do this, including detergents, detail clay, waxes, polishes, and a variety of applicators and special cloths.

The three main components of exterior car detailing are cleaning, polishing, and protecting.


Cleaning refers to removing all foreign surface particles from exterior surfaces through the use of washing and claying. A clay bar helps to clean contamination/dirt from within the clearcoat that cannot be removed through weekly washing. Clearcoat contamination can come from industrial fallout, air particles, dirt particles, tar, and animal droppings.


Correcting refers to using mechanical polishes by hand or with a machine and specific polishing pads that remove a fine layer of clearcoat from a vehicle to remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface produced from improper washing or drying technique.

exterior auto detailing in mansfield ohio - Osgar's Autobody



Protecting involves the application of a protective material (in liquid or paste form) that prevents foreign matter from adhering to the surface of the vehicle, including water, bugs splatter, tar, and dirt. Waxes and sealants provide this barrier against the elements.

Interior auto detailing in Mansfield, Ohio - Osgar's Autobody

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing involves cleaning the passenger compartment of the car. Vacuuming is standard, and steam cleaning, liquid cleaners, and brushes may be used to remove stains on upholstery. Some nonporous surfaces may also be polished.


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