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Do You Need to Go to the Dealer?

June 12, 2018

It’s a common misconception that when you need collision repair work, you must return to your dealer for maintenance. You may have been told that they are the ones “who know your car inside and out,” but the truth is that they can make the process more difficult. There are several reasons why opting for a local auto body shop is a much better choice.


While dealers must answer to their higher corporate entities, local, family-owned shops call their own shots. And in order to stay competitive with other local businesses, they are going to be willing to give you an estimate you feel good about. Their hands aren’t tied with Ford, Toyota, and other companies telling them what they must charge so they can keep up profits for a large corporation.


Dealerships tend to get filled with repairs from all over the region. Every time a recall shows up in the mail, where must people go? The dealer. And since many people believe the misconception that it must be the “dealer or nothing,” schedules tend to fill up. The result is you’re left waiting for an appointment that’s often inconvenient for your schedule–and waiting longer to get your car back.  

Personal Attention

Like other local businesses, local auto body shops value their community because they live there. They know the people, the values, the quirks, challenges, and sources of pride for the area, often nurturing relationships over the course of decades. At Osgar's Auto Body, your pit crew is Brandon and Mike, two guys who know the Mansfield area and know every vehicle–not just one make. Osgar's will work with you as an individual with a name, not a paper slip with a number. We will give you honest pricing, help you with a rental, and get you back on the road in perfect shape.

Need collision repair? Call Osgar's, not the dealer, for fast, affordable, and personal service.

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